Tang Soo Do Historical Development

June 26, 2011
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Map of Korea where TangSooDo was developed

Tang Soo Do Historical Development

It is known by scholars that Korean martial arts developed approximately 2000 years ago. At that time Korea was then divided into three separate kingdoms: Koguro in the North, Paekche in the Southwest, and Silla in the Southeast. At this time martial arts were very primitively because of waring between the kingdoms.

Korea was first unified under the Silla Dynasty(688-935AD). At this time, the Hwa Rang Dan warriors combined the philosophy of the monk Won Kwang, who was the originator of the principles of our own Tang Soo Do, with Soo Bahk Ki (the art of foot and body fighting) to form the traditional art of Soo Bahk Do. The Hwa Rang Dan warriors aided in the unification of thier country and were the first martial artists to include a code of chivalry in their practice.

The Yi Dynasty (1392-1910 AD) followed the Koryo Dynasty and assured the continuation of Korean martial arts in two significant ways. First, the martial arts book, Mooye Dobo Tongi was written, which substantiated the sophistication of the combative art of Soo Bahk Ki. Second, as Soo Bahk Ki replaced Soo Bahk Do within the military, Soo Bahk Do became recreational for the common people.

Korea was occupied by the Japanese from 1909 through 1945. During this time, the Korean people were forbidden to practice martial arts. Tae Kyun and Soo Bahk Do practitioners went underground to continue their training. In 1945, after World War II, these restrictions were lifted and many martial artists, including Moo Duk Kwan, as organized by Hwang Kee, were established. Master Hwang Kee combined Tae Kyun and Soo Bahk Do with the Chinese “Tang” method of martial arts and founded the organization called the Korea Soo Bahk Do Association, on November 9th, 1945, also known as Tang Soo Do. Hwang Kee had been a student of Lee Won Kuk, the founder of ChungDoKwan, and many similarities between these styles still exist today.

In 1965, the Korea Tang Soo Do Association was established in an attempt to unite the Korean Martial Arts under one name. However, the Tang Soo Do practitioners chose to remain as traditionalists rather than join the sport oriented Tae Kwon Do organization. This is the time period when the Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society first developed to support those still wanting to teach the traditional aspects of the martial art while also learning and
developing the new methods.

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June 21, 2011
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